RegionNorthern Hordelands

Sournbracks are the highest mountain range in the Northern Hordelands. Numerous dragons and giants dwell in these peaks. A dozen huge earth motes hover over these mountains. A few of them hold fortresses with such creatures as cloud giants, storm giants, dragons, and other powerful winged foes. One of them is so holed from mining activity by the Fargimdal dwarves, that it became known as the Honeycomb Mine. This place now serves as a roost for more than a dozen wyverns and serves as an outpost for Theegan sky riders of the Witch Horde.

On the eastern side of this mountain range is Witch Pipe. This is the only active volcano of the range. It constantly spews smoke over the mountains. When not erupting, the volcano spews lava out of tubes in its lower elevations. These drain into a large lava lake. This lava lake is constantly erupting with geysers of lava from underground lava tubes relieving pressure.

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