Sotiisk Lumnaar Whitefang Valley

Sotiisk Lumnaar
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesWhitefang Valley
MapKrein Jusk

Sotiisk Lumnaar is a glacial valley surrounded by the unnaturally formed peaks of Rah Burdah.

In the Creation War, a fell creature was created near the heart of this bleak landscape. This creature was a hecatoncheires. To make this creature, the archangels Ares and TarĂ¢k built a number of scaffolding towers around it. When the hecatoncheires came to life, it shattered these building towers. The iron from these towers became infused with dark power. This material is called demiurgic iron. Tons of this dark iron are buried across the valley's great expanse.

Much of Sotiisk Lumnaar and the surrounding mountains are controlled by Whitefang. During the Horgon Era, the valley was under control of the evil dragonborn empire Galirkrad. As such, the valley is littered with the ruins of this fallen empire. The largest of these is the ruins of Viing Prolgiid.

The Whitefang cell controls some of the white dragons in the area and has considerable influence over the frost giants, mountain giants and ice trolls dwelling in this frigid region. A vast crevasse in Sotiisk Lumnaar holds many keeps of the feuding tribes of giants in the area. Stragglers and the wounded from these conflicts typically end up on the menu for remorhaz, ice trolls, or white dragons. Much of the strife of the area is caused by Whitefang agents out of Neben-Skerah.

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