Founded17 Lunar 235 LE

Seirsteutu was built by the Auhtai. By the middle of the Lith-Crillion Era's 14th century, this centrally located settlement was Hive's largest city-state. It was a major commerce center for the region's Auhtai, and more importantly to these scientifically minded people, a place of research into improving insects. In research labs, they made major advances in chemistry, learning how certain insects used sonic energy with devastating effect. This was mimicked and applied to a class of weapons they invented, called Päiki-Synhö.

In one part of Seirsteutu is a massive structure that looks more like a vault than any building. This tightly sealed place is called Senaisan. In the Lith-Crillion Era, Auhtai researchers sought to control bug colonies. The first hive swarm was created at this place.

Seirsteutu is built in the shape of a massive carapace. It is a towering structure that looms above the desolate landscape around it. In 155, Gimrune explorers came to these ruins, carting off rune tablets and sonic weapons. In the years to come, these exploration continued, ending only after two expeditions were utterly wiped out by the region's most feared element, the Hive Swarms.

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