Por Trumgol Swamp Islands

the green dragon Graag'vahriz
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasSwamp Islands
MapPor Trumgol Swamp

Por Trumgol is a vast wetland of the central reaches of the Aerie of Dragons. It the collective name for a bunch of swamps named after dragons that once reigned over this area. When the empires of Zeymah'kein and Mir'piamauza came to power, a blue dragon named Tauth'ghourn held sway over Por Trumgol. For nearly four hundred years, this ancient wyrm laid waste to their settlements and destroyed the armies and heroes sent against him. Tauth'ghourn died not from its enemies, but of his own enormous mass. He got mired in his swampy lair and then drowned days later after a heavy downpour. During its last days, the sky above the marsh and for leagues in all directions became a display of the dying rage of Tauth'ghourn. It sent powerful lightning bolts into the sky and unleashed sonic booms that reverberated across the landscape. The swamp where this mighty dragon perished was named in his honor. The swamp Tauth'ghourn and the other twelve swamps of Por Trumgol also have their legends, but none of a dragon so feared during the period as Tauth'ghourn.

When Tauth'ghourn perished, the buffer between the Zeymah'kein and Mir'piamauza was lifted. The sides soon came to conflict, both seeking the rumored millions of gold coins and gems said to lie in Tauth'ghourn's lair. Tauth'ghourn's rumored wealth has never been found; most say it a ruse, to lure people there. Some old hermits make the claim that Tauth'ghourn got so big cause he ate all the coins, gems, and other treasures of his immense hoard. If this is so, then Tauth'ghourns Hoard may actually exist.

Por Trumgol got its name from its countless small islands. These are not true islands, but buoyant plant masses called shambog.

The largest hold of this area is Lum Trumgol Mir's capital city Valdrek Jusk. The southern reaches of the swamp are broken by spires of rock jutting from the wetlands. These rocky outcropping, some towering like lonely mountains, are part of Kesk Lein.

Por Trumgol is a source for Aggorath Spittle. This oil bubbles up from the depths and floats upon the surface where it is either harvested, absorbed into the banks of the swamp or rarely carried out to sea.