RegionNorthern Hordelands
Area2,200 sq miles

Phasirnat is one of the four sunken lands of the Northern Hordelands. It is the second largest, being close to one hundred miles long and thirty miles wide at its center. At its lowest point, the valley floor is two miles down. There are many paths and one maintained road leading into this depression.

At some point in the descent, probably about a a mile down, one leaves this world and enters another. You are now in Bal-Kriav's echo, the world Kriav. This transitional zone is a rift, what some like to give credence by calling it a feywild fuse. It does not have the restrictions of movement like most other feywild fuses.

This freedom of access from either side, has as yet seen any invasions from Kriav, and sees little traffic going in or out. This is probably an account of the heavy elemental infestations on the other side. Xorn, earth elementals , and a host of other earthen types are in the tunnels leading from Phasirnat into Kriav's Underdark.

- NĂ­rath, of the Portal Sentinels, "Phasirnat Report, 16 Witchrite 1138"

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