Crystalline Troll
Founded28 Temporal 5 LE

Imgongruk was founded early in the Lith-Crillion Era by the Dezellâm of the Silt Fist Legion. It was their first major settlement after the Demon Spawn War. The place is very large with open monumental shrines dedicated to the gods Ares, Athena, Bahamut, Hades, Phalgas, and Ptah. Most of these figures were archangels that would become Higher Powers in the God Era.

The place is made of granite and rock crystal. The rock crystal is embedded in the granite like seams which given the scale of Imgongruk would have been impossible without the Dezellâm's innate abilities to soften and shape stone.

The first crystalline troll was made in Imgongruk's sewers. This was done in 311 LE, by a crazed Dezellâm named Hrodgridi. On account of his mental state, he did not go with the Lith-Crillion like the rest of his people. He created the crystalline troll as an army to reverse what had happened to his people. He used life energy given to him by Geb and then applied his stone shaping magic to create a new troll species. His intent, with guidance from Svirfneblin proselytizers of Geb, was to rescue his people from the clutches of the Lith-Crillion. Hrodgridi is believed to have died utterly mad, long before he had sufficient numbers of crystalline trolls to wage war on those that took his people.

The Dezellâm abandoned Imgongruk some time after they met the Lith-Crillion. They came to revere these people, believing them to be descendants of the gods and went where the Lith-Crillion went. Imgongruk fell into ruin, yet in still remarkably good condition after more than six millennia. It has served as the abode of dragons, giants, bandits, and any other seeking refuge from the blistering alluvial winds of the Sands of Hell.

The legendary forge Hrodgridi Furnace is in Imgongruk. It sits where the six great shrines meet and is still a fully functional forge.

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