RegionHigh Wood Country

Glirolos is a desert wasteland. The sandy wastes of Glirolos are pockmarked with hundreds of sink-holes. Many of these descend into the bowels of the Underdark region Menortamon. Between the sink-holes, the land is covered in sand and large patches of alien plant-life. These plants take the form of huge tendrils of briars and thorns that jut from the parched landscape like pillars. Like some of the vegetation found in Linga-Mal and Diornaith, many scrub brushes and other hardy plants of this desolate landscape are feywild fused.

My commune with nature could not bypass the boundary between Bal-Kriav and the Kriav. I sensed the alien nature of the plants that spread from the other side and into my realm. They were mixed with native plants and neither seemed any different from the presence of the other. Could this mean that they are from a common strain? I will have to report this observance at the Glade Summit.

- Eclipse, regional report at a Glade Summit - "Communing With Glirolos"

There are many hostile plant forms in the area that gain much of their sustenance by hunting outside of the desert. The most dangerous creatures of the area are the beholders and minions of Abhômaipeth. These creatures are based out of some of the larger sink-holes. The limited rainfall of the area is a result of a constant wind that blows through the area. This unnatural wind pattern is said to be a result of the Primordial Storm.