RegionCinazan, Miradelgûn
Area15K - 17K sq miles
MapGirribêth Forest

Girribêth is a hilly forest south of the Avalninâth river. The Girribêth stretches from the eastern coasts of the Core Sea, following the upper rim of the Sahânzar basin, and then bends south into the upper tracts of western Miradelgûn. It covers large swathes of the Armânuk hills.

Girribêth’s is the location of the world's only hyperion blackwoods. These towering trees can get up to 500' tall. They have bases sixty feet in diameter and massive gnarled limbs which are often intertwined and anchored to the trees around them. This makes harvesting them for lumber very dangerous. The leaves of hyperion blackwoods give off a rich musky aroma. The oils of them are extracted for use in making perfumes and soaps. Beyond its pleasantries, it is also a dangerous smell, for it masks whatever prowls the forest. Outside of the winter months, olfactory senses of both predator and prey are useless, so to hunt, animals rely on other senses.

Notable Areas