Gandal - Narbuzad

Gandal is a rugged desert landscape at the heart of Narbuzad. It is a pitted landscape, mined heavily during the time of Phlehorn. At the northern head of the area is Zigil. This sacred mountain of the Earthen is defended by earth spirits of the lands, Galeb-Duhr, stone giants and earth elementals . Late in the First Epoch, they banded together to battle Phlehorn's miners and then her armies in an effort to maintain the sanctity of Zigil and keeping them from reaching a holy edifice called the Earth Shrine.

In 1080, Phlehorn's armies breached the Earth Shrine. The elementals seeing death at their gates, tapped into the raw energy of Chaos. It is unknown what they used, an artifact or some other great power, but a gateway opened between the worlds Granitoid and Bal-Kriav. The opening of this rift unleashed a barrage of rocks into the Phlehorn army. The army suffered badly from this rock storm. When this was done, earth archons poured out of the Earth Shrine. They mercilessly slaughtered the wounded and drove off the rest. The survivors made their way back to Phaluth. Little did they know, they were also infected with a terrible disease called the Earth Skin Rot. The kingdom of Phlehorn would later fall because of the breaching of the Earth Shrine.

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