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Gallo-Bagd is an ancient ruin surrounding the Pyramid of Life. The rubble-strewn streets of this ancient city are overgrown with vegetation. Many of the stone dwellings and cobblestone streets have been stripped of their fine workmanship by scavengers or ground into rubble and dust through time.

The Knudmid built Gallo-Bagd for the Lith-Crillion. Many statues of these robed giants line the main street of the ruins. Some are toppled, or smashed into pieces, while others stand erect and unscathed with time. At night, foul creatures rise from the ruin's subterranean labyrinths and necropolis. Anyone foolish to enter the area during this period will surely meet foul denizens like lamia, marrashi, mummies, and death dogs.

Beneath the ruins of Gallo-Bagd is a place called Bail-Fogins Deep.

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