Flux Hleittil

Horde of Chaos
RegionIce Cap

In northern Brucrumus, the giants of the Titan Era called this area Hleittil. It was named after a stone giantess that had thirty sons and daughters; she died giving birth to her last. This was over three millennia ago, a time when this geographical area was then fertile, the breadbasket for the giants that would come together here and set their eyes on the lands beyond. The hills were tracked with thousands of goat trails and the waterways flanked by farm after farm. During that period of history, the Titan Empire of Cûngin-Zar ruled this area from the great city Bor. After overextending themselves, grabbing more and more lands and peoples under their yoke, Cûngin-Zar eventually fell like the rest of the Titan Empires. Hleittil became a lawless land with no serious authority for long periods of time.

On 25 Saunas 1296, nearly two millennia after the fall of Cûngin-Zarm, Hleittil was forever changed. Agents of an exiled slaad lord open the Sink of Chaos, a rift to the Limbo System. A Chaos Maelstrom emerges from this inter-system bridge, flooding the land with entropic energy. This warps the land, chaos infusing many of its denizens. Hleittil, better known today as Flux, became a deformed landscape with misshapen mountains, waterways disappeared into cracks and fissures billowed plumes of varying colored smoke and occasionally released balls of entropic energy.

In 1544, the Guilson Explorers were sent out to re-map what many were now calling Flux. They claim to have felt a disturbing presence in the Molfath highlands.

An age old evil, chaotic, dark, and single-minded in its purpose is at work in Flux.

- Ophûru, of the Guilson Explorers - "Aettein Entropy"

The Guilson Explorers recorded all sorts of chaos aberrations, slaadi, and people who had once been humanoids but were changed into something born of Chaos. They also learned that Flux's master is a slaad lord named Ushgergoon.

Flux is infused with the entropic energies of Chaos. This makes it a Focus for Entropic Energy.

Focus Effect

Smite Lawany chaotic aligned creature that battles a lawful aligned creature in this area can Smite Law 1/turn