RegionPipe Home

Spanning the eastern coasts of Pipe Home is a long reef called the Coral Shield Reef. The few safe channels from Salzârrâk to the inner lagoons and coasts of Pipe Home are guarded by the navies of Pipe Home's city-states. The depth and length of the reef are such that it is the greatest defense for the coastal dwelling of the region. The Coral Shield Reef has also give rise to the largest number of lighthouses per square mile of coast-line. Nobody is sure how many there are, but they number in the hundreds. Many serve as homes for halflings and other citizenry of the region's city-states.

Historically, the people of Pipe Home have been inclined to trading and not war. As such they keep pacts with marine creatures to help defend against pirates or military expeditions by foreign powers. They also pay high wages to mercenary ships that come to help them during conflicts