RegionNorthern Hordelands
Founded21 Temporal 1484

In 1481, the group Squad X7E discovered monkey-like minotaurs dwelling in Manduggiss. The depth and remoteness of this area was such that these sig-lorm were ignorant of the world above. Seeking allies and wanting to get at the riches of Manduggiss, the Sanguine Whispers helped the sig-lorm establish a colony outside Manduggiss.

Before coming to the lands above, their population was restricted by available land. In the Monkeytaur Vale, the sig-lorms proliferated. They proved to be industrious and highly adaptable.

Sig-Lorms are strong psionicists. Their ability to control foes, and manipulate matter helped them repeatably beat back gnoll raids. At Chariotearn, they pursed cultural and social advancements over war. They sought the pleasure of life and the proliferation of their species. They were renown for their annual games called the Sig-Lorm Chariot Race. Chariotearn had a hippodrome with a thirty-chariot match capacity.

In 1642, the volcano Traeulf became active, erupting with devastating consequences. The pyroclastic flow leveled the city, killing most where they stood. Thereafter, Monkeytaur Vale became known as the Sig-Lorm Wastes.

Before it was destroyed, the buildings of this city were shaped to conform and blend-in with forests around them. Trees grew through the center of most dwellings, and non-hostile wildlife was allowed to live alongside the people.

At its peak, the city had a population of 40,000 and were ruled by a pedocracy. Their two main gods were Aredhel, Ptah

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