RegionLands of Purity, Northern Hordelands
MapCactii Desert

Cactii is a dry, windswept desert that is unusually cold. The coldness in the air is a result of the Breath of Arhibess. The wind was named after the Theegan witch Arhibess. This druidic witch was so powerful that when she died her last spell dealing with controlling weather became infused with her life force. This wind continuously blows down the highlands of the north and into Adellum. The desert also sees little rain, which is attributed to the unnatural wind as it blows any rain clouds through the area so quickly that very little rain ever reaches the ground.

The desert is home to cacti, tumbleweeds, and an unusually large population of needlefolk. It also has a number of scorpionfolk tribes. These creatures came here during a slave uprising in the Khazarkar Empire. Those that could escape, traversed the Sands of Hell and then migrated as far as they could from the slave traders serving the Khazarkar.