Benâth is a rugged canyon valley between a break in Ugradrath. Numerous fortifications cover the hills and mountains of this area. These fortresses serve as the first-line of defense against attack from the south by the Orchish Empire or from the north, by the Khazarkar Empire. Near the heart of the defile is the border between these two empires, the Alarthand river. The area in and around Benâth is the most heavily patrolled border on Brucrumus.

Near the heart of the valley is a colossal stone bridge spanning the mighty Alarthand. This great span bridge is called Bracknourn. The bridge was a collaborative effort by the Orchish Empire and the Khazarkar Empire. The reason for the collaborative effort was to make sure the bridge was built to such strength and size that it would support 500 man abreast and stand up to sustained bombardment. At the time it seemed a joke to encourage warmongering by the respective empires, but the Bazandaggûl stone giants and dwarf builders decided that they would make a marvel of engineering worthy to outlast the belligerent empires and that may even encourage trade such that each would turn their swords to instruments of trade and prosperity.

Notable Areas
  • Agluzar
  • Bracknourn, bridge spanning Alarthand
  • Lerkun