Military Doctrine

TypeMilitary tactics, manoeuvres, and events are described in this section.


Cannon balls will bounce if they strike hard ground. This has the effect of tearing through tightly packed ranks. The iron ball will due to 2d6hps of damage to a unit of tightly grouped creatures. The iron ball cannot be used to bounce through ranks if the ground is soft.

Dropping Trough

Dropping Trough is an evasive tactic used by ships to evade missile fire. A ship is steered into the area between waves, the trough, to avoid the missile fire of an opposing ship. This tactic will not work in light seas (0-10 MPH winds).


A tactic whereby two wings of an army will pass the flanks of the enemy and close the route of escape. The attackers will usually pen down the defenders from the front with heavy infantry, meanwhile light infantry and/or cavalry will move past the flanks of the defending force. When faced with such a scenario, the defenders both become surrounded and besieged, or make a retreat from their position. A defending leader with platoon or company leadership skills can keep his retreating army from turning into a routed army.


The rout of a unit or an army results in a disorganized retreat. Outside of being surrounded, it is the worst scenario for troops. It is during a rout when the highest losses can occur to troops, as the attackers overrun them, kill or capture the fleeing forces. The enemies opposing cavalry are particularly devastating to a routed unit.