Katrana's Cuffs

Typehistory of the Black Tide

The term Katrana's Cuffs is used for the magical constraints put on undead and as a general policy. It is done to keep undead from running amok, and most importantly, from not praying upon the living. The number of spells required to do this is based on the overall strength of the undead; for some undead like vampires, it is a death sentence. The idea for this came during the Reign of the Black Tide. Some members of the First Dead Council, particularly Katrana, wanted their vast empire of undead to exist among the living. They wanted it to grow economically and in population, for to not do so, they would have to grow by conquest. Many of the Council's leaders voted in favor of holding and re-building what they had won in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). During that time, they would rebuild their armies for the next stage of conquests. Katrana's position as leader of this movement, is considered one of reasons why Dax became Thasmudyan's most favored.

Katrana's Cuffs proved most effective in Salandirik and other ports of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk. On the Brucrumus's mainland, it was less fruitful.