Temples of Begnhidrir

RegionIce Cap
Built11 Temporal 9300 GE

The Temples of Begnhidrir were built in the God Era by fire giants and other humanoids that fell under the sway of an unimaginably beautiful cambion. This demon who's name was erased from even the god's memories will probably never be known. She was born of deception, when a succubus, the first of her kind, mated with an angel. The angel, his name also erased from all records and memories, became one of the Fallen Angels.

The succubus and her prey, their names stricken from all records and all those who knew them. It was agreed by all who knew of the matter, both good and those not so, to drink from the water of Lethe and not to resist its forgetfulness - thus the names and important information about them were magically forgotten.

- Athena, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Born of Deception"

This demoness who the Temples of Begnhidrir were dedicated too, was obviously of such threat that angels and gods, both good and evil, willingly drank from the waters of the river Lethe so that information on her and her parents were forgotten.

In the 7th century of the Lith-Crillion Era, goliath tribes came into the Begnhidrir valley. The sinister appearing temples were avoided for decades. After a while, priests of Atlas began to commune with their god and others to learn more about the temples. What they learned is that the temples were once used to sacrifice victims to a powerful demon residing in the Abyss. The sacrificial victims were brutally tortured and then flung into the cauldrons. The victim's soul was drawn into the Abyss and devoured by a demon, and with each soul she became more powerful. In the Demon Spawn War, angels of MakaĊĦal's Zephyr Legion, went to the Abyss and destroyed the demoness and shut off the soul conduit. Probably the most important thing learned from the communes was that the temples were safe to trespass and their cauldrons safe to re-light.

When the goliath came to Begnhidrir, the north and eastern temples were enveloped in ice and snow and would probably have been lost in another few decades.

When the priests rekindled the flames of the temple's 66' diameter cauldrons, they were driven back by the great blue flames that seemed to rise angrily upwards. The cauldron's heat, once drawn from the belly of the Abyss, but now from some fiery realm of Chaos, quickly melted the surrounding snow and ice and over time drove away the glacial flows of Ice Cap.

- excerpt from the book - "History of Hel"

The lighting of the cauldrons turned back Ice Cap and pushed its fringes twenty miles away. The lighting of the cauldrons also ended a millennia of constant migration by the goliath. In the valley of Begnhidrir they built the settlement of Hel over the southern Temple of Begnhidrir. Unlike the north and east temples, the central cauldron of the one in Hel was never ignited. It is sealed off from the city, under the Church of Atlas. The temple's smaller cauldrons were lit and serve hot water to all quarters of the city. They are also used to produce steam for pumps and steam baths. On several occasions, attempts have been made to utilize the various temple's intense flames in forging magical items. Every attempt has ended in a item that is tainted, be it curse or some quirk that makes the magic item more problematic than useful. One of the most powerful items made in the temple's fires is the ring Clusmy Titan.