Soul-Fire Stream Blood of Phalgas

AliasBlood of Phalgas

Soul-Fire Streams are composed entirely of the liquid soul-fire. They are slow-moving chrome streams that glow even in the deepest darkness. Soul-fire streams are scattered across the realm, with legends saying that each was produced when Phalgas's blood was spilled in his fight against evil. Phalgas's priests says that his blood was spilled many times in the fight against the primordials in the Creation War and later in the Demon Spawn War.

Holy Sanctum has a stream at the heart of its ruined forge works. Another stream is located in Hlothruk. This latter one is ritually used by the Zagul-Tîn's werebears. The one at Aša Ukhan, created like all the others on the day that Phalgas became a demi-god, was the result of his time spent there as a patient.