Sets Chariot


In the Year 1824, Khazarkar explorers investigated the ancient ruins of Mannakhôr. The explorers suffered high casualties from monsters attacks and a hurricane that seemed to appear overnight.

The Khazarkar lore masters discovered ancient texts speaking of something called Sets Chariot. This device was of such size, power, and mode of movement that some speculated it to be a version of the Eye of Gith. This one though was commanded by none other than the patron deity of the Khazarkar Empire, the deity Set.

Not long after this discovery, Khazarkar ships were spotted in the Buccaneer Archipelago, the Mephigax and in the ports of Iory Asylum, Ba'lith, Paradomea, and the Council of Bile. The activity of the Khazarkar Empire stirred the interest of those empires with sea borders. Spying and intrigue erupted into some clashes of arms, but nothing was learned from the Khazarkar crews.

Void craft from Malacost also reported seeing Khazarkar void craft. By shadowing these vessels, it was learned that the Khazarkar naval fleet was a diversion. The large number of Pyramids of Set moving south towards Straiden raised alarms of a possible invasion on that continent.

A spy in the Pharzîmrâth overheard Arch Cabal Phêrî Hama-Ulmar, the religious dictator of the Khazarkar Empire, pronounce an unholy crusade to find and occupy the area of Sets Chariot. This mummy lord proclaimed these in the name of Set, as holy ground and property of their god. In the Year 1826, the War of the Obsidian Relic began with the Khazarkar Empire unleashing their might on the peoples of a remote island called Toomoneth.

Some sea races of the region have allied in the fight against the Khazarkar Empire. The Inge'rya, sahuagin empire, were the ones who supplied the Khazarkar Empire with information on a great sea canyon scarred with bits of obsidian. This canyon is called Kerriack. Its whereabouts have confirmed the discoveries in the crypt libraries of Mannakhôr. It is thought that somewhere in the vast area of this canyon lies Sets Chariot.

Ancient elderaunt tomes say that Jurmalon is imprisoned in Sets Chariot (c.f. Elephant Reverence).