Jungle Pyramid Of Power

OwnerKrivian Ghouls
Built19 Hollow 408 LE

This Pyramid of Power lies amidst the volcanic wastelands of Malephar. The krivian ghouls of the Pyramid will tell you that for much of the Lith-Crillion Era, the Pyramid was surrounded by lush deep jungle vegetation. The greenery of the area was burned away during the Varelay Upheaval leaving a broken land dotted with geysers, lava flows, gas vents, and mud volcanoes. The Pyramid has remained unscathed from the eruptions, heat, and earthquakes that have wracked the area ever since.

The krivian ghouls of the Jungle Pyramid are largely made up of those showing racial features of firenewts and kuo-toans. Early in the Lith-Crillion Era, Tragarans made up a large population of the Pyramid's krivian ghouls. These have all since disappeared from attrition. The Varelay once gained control of the Pyramid. They used its great energy to blast holes in nearby mountain sides creating tunnels for mines and roads. They lost control of the Pyramid in the Varelay Upheaval. Krivian ghouls of kuo-toa and firenewt ancestry re-took the Pyramid and held it until a short span in the Second Epoch when an army of Gorthunder took the place. They turned the Pyramid's energy on Orias Vual, where it cleared the battlements of defenders. A few days later, the city surrendered to Gorthunder and his army.

In 1462, the Jungle Pyramid was recaptured by the krivian ghouls and their leader Raxcvillibus. They remained with this enigmatic figure, joining his army's assault on Orias Vual. After the city was taken, most of the krivian ghouls returned to their Pyramid of Power (c.f. Negral).

In 985, a Conclave wizard named Adîlkhâru, gained entrance to this pyramid and stole ancient Lith-Crillion tomes. Among these texts was a tome called Izrukîn Sa Thir. This ancient Lith-Crillion book provides a step by step process for manipulating the Web of Magic. As Adîlkhâru made her way from the towering pyramid, a krivian ghoul gave her a dire warning, in a calm tone it said - "in less than a decade you will bring ruin upon a wide area and see the deaths of thousands because of what you have taken".

The krivian ghoul's warning would come true. The study of Izrukîn Sa Thir opened the way for manipulating the Web of Magic. Adîlkhâru and the Eldiritch Conclave would create a school for advancing this lost art. During the Domination Wars, Conclave web weavers would overtax the Web and bring about the Gulimbor Cataclysm.

Civilization Tree
Sâlo Tânê 16
Jungle Pyramid of Power