Ivory Pyramid Of Power

Built28 Bloom 540 LE

This Pyramid of Power is located in the Khimrathil valley. It was built inside a mountain by a people called the Dezellâm. They revered the Lith-Crillion, building this colossal structure to serve as a research center. It is grandiose inside with many statues of legendary Lith-Crillion thinkers, explorers and leaders. In many respects, areas of the interior have the appearance of shrines and temples dedicated to the Lith-Crillion.

True to its name, the Ivory Pyramid of Power has an interior extensively decorated with ivory. These are said to have come from Shathirmun and Zendanul's jungle roaming titanic elephants. In this latter area, Lith-Crillion explorers had to deal with predatory plants often twice the size of specimens found in other jungles.

One of the foremost things the Lith-Crillion researched at this Pyramid was finding natural and magical ways of dealing harm to fey and plants. Now that it has been found, this place will become a library for Blighters and source of consternation for the Nature Protectorates.

- from a diplomatic missive between the Tusken Council and the Council of Nine - "Another Pyramid"

After the disappearance of the Lith-Crillion, the Ivory Pyramid remained hidden inside a mountain for thousands of years. In 1799, the Great Ridgebone Quake caused a series of mountains and ridges to collapse into a great trench. The quake caused so much rubble to fall into the southern end of the Khimrathil valley that it became impassable. A villain named Belgunth employed an army of Sussgurd slaves and skeletal minions to clear a path and build bridges across the trench, all in the direction of the now exposed Pyramid. Today, the Pyramid and the valley fall within the territory of the city-state Sakullêth.

Although this Ivory Pyramid is outside of their territory, Ivory Asylum forbids any of their citizens from traveling to the Pyramid. If they are found to have done so, then they are treated as a poacher.

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