High Pyramid of Power

RegionHigh Wood Country
Built6 Kindle 379 LE

This Pyramid of Power is located in the vast primeval forest Taurquion. In 323, a detachment of Angrod soldiers went into the High Pyramid of Power. Only one of this group survived, a wood elf named Krivian. He was warped by the Pyramid's power, turned into the first of the Krivian Ghouls. For nearly a thousand years after this failed expedition, the Angrods were unable to get back into the place. This was because the area could not be penetrated with its dense thickets, hostile vines and other predatory plants, treants unwilling to deal with them, and other sentient growths that opposed passage of any creature not natural to the land. The most dangerous foes were the Pyramid's latest defenders, several thousand krivian ghouls.

In 1284, a powerful band of wood elves, the Valandil Léralondë ("Arrows of the Path"), made their way through an area of the forest, and then through a magical mazes of vegetation, and came upon a massive pyramid. They fought the Krivian Ghouls entombed in the place, and made their way past the pyramid's mechanical and magical hazards. To their amazement, the interior of the place was crafted of oak, with beams of red wood, and finely crafted decorations and carvings in teak and rosewood, and the air smelled of rich maple. In some areas, their were fountains of maple syrup and others with nectars of varying tastes. The Valandil Léralondë, backed by an Angrod army went on to seizing control of this ancient Lith-Crillion pyramid. In the process they captured many krivian ghouls and defeated its oldest and first guardian, the eldritch confessor Jofgror Odving. The Pyramid's hybrid undead, seen as abominations to nature by the elves, were enslaved and tortured for the secrets of the Pyramid. Over the next one hundred years, the information gathered from this Pyramid of Power provided the Angrods with a means to become a power to be reckoned with in the High Wood Country. The most threatening power learned is the ability to vastly enhance the natural growth rate of woodlands, and to summon nature's creatures to guard and nurture the growth of the forest (c.f. Tendrils). The High Down War was won because of the magic acquired in the this High Pyramid of Power.

The effects of the High Pyramid of Power and its control over the Tendrils have proven themselves quite deadly. In 1330, the Tendrils, under the guidance of the Cheldremn, began weaving their way around Quendirion. By 1335, the bugbears, cave trolls, and other goblin-kind that lived in this rocky area found themselves surrounded by the Tendrils of Taurquion. On the last day of Bloom, the Tendrils, thick with flowers, began to pollinate. The pollen was death to those in Quendirion. In a matter of days, thick clouds of pollen suffocated those in the area, or killed them from its toxicity. Those of evil nature that sought escape from the encirclement were met with elven steel and magic.

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High Pyramid of Power