Hells Pyramid of Power

RegionHells Womb, Drarthiel
OwnerKrivian Ghouls
Built17 Brightstar 237 LE

This Pyramid of Power is located in Kautha. It was not built in the marsh, but over the ages, the marsh has overtaken the Pyramid and flooded some of the lower levels of the place. North of the pyramid are the ruins of Ugidreth. The Hells Pyramid of Power was designed by the Lith-Crillion and built by the Dezellâm. During their time in Lirgaza, the Lith-Crillion used this place as a research center for studying the anomalies of Hells Womb and into the ocean deeps of the Sea of Mourning. This pyramid, like the others, was also used to teleport supplies and people to the other five Pyramids of Power; each spread far apart across Midrêth.

A large number of Krivian Ghouls dwell in the Hells Pyramid of Power. They guard this place like a temple and have a substantial presence in the Underdark reaches beneath. For a time in the Third Epoch, these hybrid undead served the Black Tide in its reign of terror across Hells Womb and into the Lands of Purity. The Black Tide did not make much use of the Pyramid since its guardians were hostile to any who sought to open sealed doors or set-up any time of permanent occupation. When the Black Tide began to falter in the Artery War, they shifted their allegiance to Paradomea.

In the deeper recesses of the structure, far beneath the surface, is a opening from the pyramid that connects with the Great Tradeway. This passage is used by the krivian ghouls to escape the pyramid and explore the realm beyond, trade, and undertake raids on their neighbors.

In 1461, the adventuring group Black Banner entered the Pyramid and looted the lower levels of the place. During the Black Tide War, the Pyramid was seized by the Black Tide. They used it to protect Ugidreth from threat of attack by Paradomea. In the Artery War, Paradomea captured the Pyramid and turned its power on the undead hordes at Ugidreth.

Black Banner recorded the following bit of information on the interior and the things found. After the Artery War, this laundry list of items was found among the library of scrolls at Ugidreth. It now sits in the Library of Records among the other documents concerning the Black Tide.

Pyramid Observations

  • high chances of wild magic surges [1% chance per spell level]
  • undead impervious to priestly turning and disruption
  • gravity fluctuations
  • all inanimate objects radiated evil and magic, though when taken out, most proved to be normal
  • temperature in the pyramid averaged 35 degrees F with extreme exceptions in some chambers and corridors
  • the stone of the pyramid absorbed magic spells cast into it, and spilled blood was quickly absorbed into the floors and walls
  • ceilings are uniform, 20' high, stone doors, and the locks are very complex
  • many conduits for charging Night Howler weapons
  • torches of coldfire: icy-blue flames that radiate extreme cold, yet touching them burns as if it were fire
  • an abundance of Ghoul Macrebe poison
  • guardians clad in Wraith Stalker armor
  • arsenals of Night Howler weaponry
  • basins holding foul smelling water, which when placed in ceratimus vials became potions of Ghast Breath
  • Ether Armor, powered by the Pyramid this armor appeared as a suit of ghostly gray plate mail, usable by anyone not wearing armor, but disappearing when you left the Pyramid
  • books detailing the discovery of ceratimus weaving
Civilization Tree
Sâlo Tânê 8
Hells Pyramid
Sâlo Tânê 38
Black Tide
Krivian Ghouls