Bail-Fogins Deep

Bail-Fogins Deep
Built15 Temporal 190 LE

The Underdark ruins of Bail-Fogins Deep were once part of the ancient city of Gallo-Bagd. Thousands of years ago, the Dezellâm of the Sands of Hell built this city for the Lith-Crillion.

Ancient writings at the ruins indicated that a priestly sect of giants, the Syrnfari, were fanatical worshipers of the Lith-Crillion. They were the drivers behind building monolithic temples to the Lith-Crillion. The largest such temple is a colossal pyramid called the Pyramid of Life. This structure rises from the subsurface ruins and into the Gallo-Bagd ruins above it.

Little information has been discovered of Bail-Fogins Deep. The Golden Elite entered the place and were all but wiped out by its guardians. Zarrek Lukko, of the Golden Elite, was the only survivor.