Bail-Fogins Deep

Bail-Fogins Deep
Built15 Temporal 190 LE

The Underdark ruins of Bail-Fogins Deep were once part of the ancient city of Gallo-Bagd. Thousands of years ago, the Dezellâm of the Sands of Hell built this city for the Lith-Crillion.

Ancient writings at the ruins indicated that a priestly sect of giants, the Syrnfari, were fanatical worshipers of the Lith-Crillion. They were the drivers behind building monolithic temples to the Lith-Crillion. The largest such temple is a colossal pyramid called the Pyramid of Life. This structure rises from the subsurface ruins and into the Gallo-Bagd ruins above it.

Little information has been discovered of Bail-Fogins Deep. The Golden Elite entered the place and were all but wiped out by its guardians. Zarrek Lukko, of the Golden Elite, was the only member who managed to escape the place.

Bail-Fogins Deep is caught in a time rift, or Time Fracture, of the period when the Lith-Crillion roamed Bal-Kriav.

Travel to this place is impossible for most, for it requires the aid of a time elemental that will in all likelihood demand an exorbitant passage fee.