Typeheavy crossbow
Cost500 GP

The Jara craft these unusually shaped crossbows. They are much like a heavy crossbow, but fire an iron four-pronged star. The missile is shot from the bow with a flat arcing trajectory. This allows it to be used against concealed creatures with half normal penalties. It has normal chances versus creatures with cover. These items are very rare and the making of them is a secret known only to a select few jara. These heavy crossbows are made from the rare elm, Tashmar, trees of the Grern Forest.

The tension of this weapon is very high, requiring a strength of 15+ to load. On a "to-hit" roll of 19-20, the star of the torque bow has chance to score a sharpness hit. The chance is equal to the damage scored [if it scores 10 hit points, then there is a 10% chance of severing].