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Tarfilerquar is the heart of an evil god. It does not appear though as such a baleful and corrupt thing. It looks like a gnarled and dried seed. Some time in the Lith-Crillion Era, kriavian elves from Herfarel were exploring a deep canyon east of the city. In this canyon, now known as Tân'ndith, they found this seed in a massive, ruined sarcophagus. The records of what happened to it are lost at that point.

In the 994, a jara by the name of Ushnagdú was born. His heart was the seed Tarfilerquar, making him the god Tarfilerquar reborn in the form of a jara.

In 1790, a group of adventurers calling themselves Crimson Eye raided the ancient barrow of a jara khan. In the Mound of Bone Pounder, one of the treasurers they found was a gnarled and dried seed. They claim it radiated minor magic and seemed incapable of bearing life. Crimson Eye traded this item to an outlaw druid named Black Wood. A year later, on 4 Bloom 1791, Black Wood planted the seed in the Maegorion forest. This heart of a long dead and evil god came to life. In a span of a decade, it corrupted and darkened the forest and all within it. Animals and beasts became dire beasts; some of the more intelligent became evil. Treants became dark treants, and some of the oldest became undead treants. Sprites became quicklings, and some plants became evil-natured and carnivorous. It is not known if Tarfilerquar exists any more as a seed. The Nature Protectorates claim the entire forest is tainted, that the Maegorion forest and the reborn god Tarfilerquar are one and the same.

To destroy Tarfilerquar, you must destroy Maegorion, an impossible task, since even one seed of the forest, be it deer, seedling, or bee could carry on its taint to some other area.

- Oakenbeard, "Nature's Quandry"