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Amulet of Skeletons

The Amulet of Skeletons is crafted of bone and precious jewels. Less magical properties the item has a value of 1,500gps.


  • Animate Skeletons [pg.65 Cult of Dragon], 1/day
  • Empower Skeleton, 1/week
  • Invisibility to Undead, 1/day

The item was imbued with magic by Kretchin Bone, an orc necromancer of the Black Cluster.

Kilomor's Hand

This bone-colored dessicated hand has six-digits with two opposable thumbs. On the palm of the hand are diamond shaped scales. In the center of these is a flat jet black diamond.

Kilomor's Hand can only used be used by someone missing a hand. When attached to the stump of the owner, it becomes fully functional and gains a non-dessicated appearance as its life draining power is used. The item provides a strength of 20 and the ability to drain life as a ranged touch attack.

Kilomor's Hand is only vestige left of a once powerful psionicist. It is empathetic giving off feelings of hunger or being sated after draining more than 30 health points in a day.


  • PS: 15
  • PSP: 50
  • Life Draining- as the psionicist devotion
Anything Box

The small box is made of gold and intricately carved with sliding apertures and buttons. Moving the apertures or buttons causes the item to become a random magic item - roll from Unearthed Arcana to determine the item. It will never be a potion or scroll. It works once/day and will not function in the hands of a Khazarkar. The items will teleport to another creature within the party after one day. The same creature cannot use it more than once in a one-week period.

Bag of Plundering

This bag gives the holder a +10% cut on loot given out from party treasure.

Blood Altar Of Gruumsh

This blood red altar depicts visages of orcs in battles with their hated enemies - the Khazarkar, the dwarves, the elves, and the jara. The center of the altar has an emblazon of the eye of Gruumsh. This "All-Seeing Eye" is a smooth gem worth 50,000gps. Surrounding this gem are precious metals and five 5,000gp Lich Tear gems.

The altar is dedicated to the God Gruumsh and can only be used by a priest of this deity.


  • Clairaudience/Clairvoyance to 500' to all areas not shielded with lead from the altar at will
  • Cast Quest 1/week on any creature within sight of the altar by a High Priest of Gruumsh
  • Acts as a Bag of Bones for 1 major battle per month
  • Cast Warband Quest 1/month with sacrifice of 10 enemies to the altar and 5,000gps in jeweled weapons and armor
  • Cast harm upon a weapon lasting 1 week - only one weapon can be so enhanced at a time
Bo-Stick of the Acrobat - +3 defender bo-stick
DA: 1-12

This item has these special powers when used by a thief-acrobat.


  • +5 feet to their pole-vaulting skill
  • The item can also be used in defense and acts as a defender if the creature gives up their attacks in the round
Conk of Orr-Wahort

This simple appearing conk is inset with a 500gp triangular shaped ruby. Sounding the item summons 1-4 Sea Lions, 1/week. The user of the Conk of Orr-Wahort must be near the sea for the summoning to be successful.

Orr-Wahort, a dragonne with druidic powers dwelling on the Isle of Crabs. The creature dwells in a cavern called the Hermits High Navel.

Eyes Of The Ultimate Mage

This item was created by the Lith-Crillion. To function, the eyes must be inserted into empty eye socket.


  • Detect invisible and ethereal creatures upon concentration to 50'
  • Summon invisible stalker, 1/week
  • Emotion read, 1/day
  • Detect soul - determines if a creature has a soul
  • Falsify alignment/disposition of wearer - making them seem and appear to be what the viewer wants 1/week, duration 1 day - use of this power causes a random cataclysm to occur 1 week later in the spot the change was initiated
  • Lowers charisma to neutral and good creatures by ten unless the falsify alignment power is being used; evil creatures see the wearer as a powerful lord with an effective charisma of 19
  • User must consume double the amount of foods and water
Kiss of Bloodbane

This 9' whip is crafted from the hide of a zovvut and then soaked into the fluids of the Bloodbane Plant. Finally, the item is imbued with magic.

The Kiss of Bloodbane is a +4 weapon. The weapon can shoot forth a 15' strand of the whip into the target creature's stomach. A fortitude check (DC20) is required or the creature is pierced by the strand. The strand shoots a dose of bloodbane poison into the creature. This foul attack can be used 3/day.

Shrieker Statue

This statue is made of stone, 6" tall, and shaped into the likeness of a Shrieker. If used in the Underdark, the item animates into a Shrieker upon command. The Shrieker is a great warning device, knowing what is friendly and what is not to the owner. This item is greatly prized by creatures of the Underdark.

Thasmudyan's Crucifix Of Death

This cross is dedicated to the God of Undead, Thasmudyan. It is constructed of bonebrack, thus very dangerous to flesh. The cross is inset with an icy blue gem shaped like a skull with two small ruby incisors. The cross is only useable by a priest of Thasmudyan.


  • Animate dead @ 5 levels higher than wielder's level, 1/day
  • Contact other system 1/wk 4 questions- requires a live sacrifice of an intelligent creature to acquire this power
  • Energy Drain 3/day upon touch of the cross- creatures slain in such a manner become either Juju Zombies(50%), Shadows(25%), or Wraiths(25%). They are not under command of wielder- but will avoid the priest.
  • Wall of Bones 1/day - requires a skeleton of a human-sized or larger creature
  • Speak w/ Dead @ 5 levels higher than wielder's level, 1/day
Unholy Cross To Gruumsh

This 5,000gp jeweled cross is dedicated to the orc deity Gruumsh. It has a bonebrack tip and is made of red gold. The center cross is inset with a faceted black opal. The gem is dark green with black mottling and golden flecks.


  • Commune with Gruumsh's avatar 1/week
  • Summon forth a Spiritual Hammer of Double Strength and with a +1 to hit and damage for every 3 levels of the caster 1/day. It lasts as the spiritual hammer spell.
  • When casting spells from the combat sphere - they are treated as if cast at 10 levels higher for the priest.
Vat of Aggorath

This lavastone vat is inscribed with imagery of Aggorath using siege weapons that hurl flaming boulders, and flying creatures dropping streams of flaming liquid. The vat holds a sticky substance that is half as viscous as water. This liquid is Aggorath Spittle. It burns for 3x the duration of oil and is very difficult to remove. The Vat of Aggorath holds 40 gallons of Aggorath Spittle. The vats replenish themselves every week. The vat weighs 400lbs.

Black Heart

This black amulet pulsates with an inner green glow. The amulet makes a faint thumping sound like a beating heart. The amulet is made into an arjale chain.


The Black Heart of Life speaks Mabrahoring, Jabercounijar, Durkoth.


  • Acquire Necrology non-weapon proficiency
  • Summon a Hellcat named "Bishiikil"
  • Healing - the device provides healing to the wearer if they fall in combat {hit points must be between 0 and -9 for this power to function}. It acts as a heal spell. The process of evil is a baleful effect; a needle stabs the wearer and injects black fluid into the wearer. This fluid slowly mutates the wearer over time. The creature's appearance will become more fiendish. Useable 1/day
  • Contact other system 1/week for 4 questions.
  • Protection from good 2 times/day
  • Summon a Fire Mephit named "Aklakal Ruler of All Mephits, Overlords Personal Guard, Belcher of Red Dragons Breath". This boastful Mephit cannot summon other of its kin.

Historical Note:
This item is in the possession of Katrana Dumu'loc.

Bonebrack Necklace of Hul-Agur
In the Night Hag tongue, Hul-Agur means "slaves". This necklace holds six gems, each radiate evil and glow with an eerie colored radiance.

Once per week, a gem can be detached and inset in the heart cavity of a dead creature. The slain creature will then be animated as one of the creatures below. These creatures obey the wearer of the necklace. The animated creatures immediately begin to decay, losing 1hp/turn. There is a cumulative 1% / turn of the animated creature going insane and attacking all creatures in sight, during this time, the animated creatures has double the normal attacks.

Deep BlueEttin
PurpleHyrda [7 Heads]
Smoky BlackWorker Grell
Red and PurpleTroll
Bracelet Of Bloody Wounds
The bracelet adds +1 to damage for edged weapons used in the arm wearing this bracelet. The damage is caused from ripping and tearing of the wounds.
Chaos Fortitude Diadem
This diadem is fashioned of platinum and adamantine, and inset with a 5,000gp Entropy Fragment. Less magical properties, the item is worth 10,000gps. The wearer of this magical item gains +2 on saves vs. magic cast by lawfully aligned creatures.

This item was the headpiece of Na-Ca-Sa, the grey slaad ruler of the Throbbing Troublesome. It was liberated from him by Zhuts Cutthroats.

Diadem Of Cerebral Power
The diadem is crafted of High Alloy Blutium and encrusted with chips of black sapphire. The item is invisible while worn and can only be detected by magic. It makes saves as +4 hard metal. The psionic relic provides 1 science and 2 devotions, and +25 PSPs to a psionicists. If the wearer ever uses more than 40 PSP in a single activation of a psionic power then a sharp burst of sound will emit from diadem that affects a 20' radius causing creatures to save vs. petrifaction or be deafened for 1-6 rounds. A failed saving throw of three or less results in permanent deafness to the hapless creature. This burst requires glass items to save vs crushing blow or be shattered.
Eyes of the Brownie
This iron necklace has a Mithril claw holding the skull of a brownie. The eye sockets are inset with an array of garnets. The item can fire 2 bone-shaped magic missiles per round. It is treated as a Wand of Magic Missiles.
Medallion Of The Element Doctor
This jade and platinum medallion provides all the powers of the Element Doctor sub-class of the Sanguine Whispers. A successful intelligence check is required to activate its powers. If the wearer has fungi identification, then the check is increased by +2. Healing proficiency adds an additional +2 to the ability check.
Medallion Of Magic Divination
This medallion is crafted of platinum and red gold. It depicts the stars Merioss and Khâls Forge revolving around a pyramid. The item was forged during the time of the Kal-Oni. The jewelry value alone for this item is equal to 50,000gps.

The medallion detects the direction and strength of magic within 20'. The stars move to point to the location of the magic source and the pyramid changes color to reflect the latent magical power of items or creatures.

Dras'ee's Wondrous Familiar Ring
The ring allows a mage's familiar to borrow hit points from the caster. The familiar can take up to their normal hit points from the caster 1/day. The master of the familiar cannot deny the transfer of hit points without removing the ring - which causes pain to the familiar in the way of 1hp/round while not on the master's hand.

The item bears the Wizard Mark of Lenassu Dras'ee.

Onyx Ring of Shadow Skeletons
This ring allows the wearer to cast the spells shadow bolt and shadow skeleton 1/day.
Ring of the Bone Arm
The ring is crafted of crushed bone from a vampire. When worn, a bone arm will replace the characters current arm or missing arm. This bone arm will be covered with spurs of bone and radiates a chilling blue aura. After the bone arm has been activated, the bone ring will form around one of the bone fingers of the arm - it can then be removed, and the characters original arm will reappear - if they already had one.


  • Ebony hand as spell when touch attack spells are cast by the user
  • Deliver 1-6hps of damage + act as chill touch for combat purposes
Ring of the Sea
The Ring of the Sea is made of hardened seaweed. This ring acts as a Ring of Water Elemental Command. It activates after the wielder has killed an earth elemental.


  • Dehydrates creatures struck by the ring. This effect causes the loss of 50% of the target's hit points (DC20 Fortitude for half damage). Use of the power causes 1 point of constitution damage.
  • Provides free action while in water