Black Rain

CategoryRanged Weapons
Typelong composite bow (+6 Str bonus)

Black Rain is a +4 long composite bow (+6 strength). It was forged by the rilmani wizard Ornroanax as a implement to be used against the pesky mud slaadi that dwell around his Limbo abode.

Black Rain is made from wood taken from one of the oldest and tallest mangroves along the Primal Passage. When it was magicked, the intestines of a giant slug were used as an ingredient. This gave the weapon the property Slug Spittle. Ornroanax also used the heart of a justicar and the brain of a black slaadi in its creation. These two ingredients infused the weapon with neutrality and made it a bane to lawful and chaotic aligned creatures.

Slug Spittlethis creates a magical arrow that when striking, explodes over the target creating a downpour of black droplets. This acid storm covers a 20' diameter area and causes damage as Category 4 Acid, since it is droplets, the damage is 2x the value listed in the table3/day
Neutrality Weapon scores additional damage to lawful and chaotic creatures in the same way as Lawful/Chaotic weapons functioncontinuous