Shamanic Conclave Of Drugnod

Gnoll Shaman
Typespecial interest
RegionNothern Hordelands
Headquarters?? - (Habazan)
Symbolinterlocked chain of spirits
EnemiesWidows of Modrerthim
Established11 Bliss 384

The Shamanic Conclave of Drugnod began as a group of shamans serving as spiritual advisors and sometimes leaders of the Godrath tribe. One of the families of this band of gnolls were the Drugnods. They showed strength and leadership, so the shamans took an interest in them. It is also said that the shamans were convinced that the family had a great destiny ahead of them. They seem to have come about this soothsaying after spiritual rituals and communes with fiends serving Demogorgon.

In 512, the Shamanic Conclave entered into a dark pact with Demogorgon. This secret deal between the shamans and Demogorgon came to be known as the Drugnod Pact. In short, this deal with a demon lord resulted in a reign of greatness for the Drugnods. During the reign of the Drugnod Empire, the Shamanic Conclave served as a advisors to the Drugnod Empresses and worked closely with the Drugnod family.

In the First Epoch they spread Demogorgon's doctrine into the lands of their enemies, particularly into the often fragmented Theegan tribes. Today, there are dozens of independent cults dedicated to Demgorgon in the Witch Horde.

When the Drugnod Pact abruptly ended, agents of Demogorgon came looking for Drugnod family members. The Widows of Modrerthim came to collect the souls of Drugnods as debt to Demogorgon. A few of the shamans were Drugnods, and even though they fled Kennel and tried to cover their trails, there was no escaping a blood pact. Those shamans that were not Drugnods fled into Habazan, living as hermits for centuries after the Hlothangi Insurgency.

In 1143, at the Broken Teeth Meet, the Shamanic Conclave of Drugnod re-emerged from their self-imposed exile and helped the splintered peoples of the Zyrath establish the Garormuk Federation.

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