Magis Institute

Magis Institute
RegionLands of Purity
LocationMagis Institute
Symbolsparkling web
Established18 Prey 1345

Near the northwestern border of the Lands of Purity is a mystical citadel called Magis Institute. Scholars have been unable to determine who the original builders were or how they created the fantastic architecture of this monolithic structure, some of which seem to defy the laws of physics. Many of those that come out of the place say that it was the abode of Arcana when he was but an angel. They say he used this place to study the arcane and invent weapons for the angelic forces fighting in the Dawn War.

In 1345, Nears-nan-four found Magis Institute. A place that was previously hidden for thousands of years from wandering beasts and relic seekers. He claims that he stumbled upon the place by accident, but in truth he probably used a Scroll of Dawn to pinpoint its location and find a way to enter it. Months after he found the place, he began teaching aspiring wizards. It became a place of learning and study for all mages of any alignment.

The Magis Institute is open to all mages of any alignment - though fighting outside of an arena is strictly forbidden.

Curnerous openly attacked a hated rival today. He nearly killed him with a fireball. A monitor orb came into being in the vicinity of the attack and passed judgment upon him by the Writ of Annihilation - he was blown out of existence, disappearing into a Sphere of Annihilation.

- excerpt from Incident Report 12 Prey 1530

Magis Institute holds a vast library of spells, relics, and other items that are studied and reproduced. The entrance fee to peruse the library is 50gp per level of the investigator.

The mages governing the place are all neutrally aligned. Combat within the Magis Institute is strictly forbidden and enforced with severe punishment. Typically, a monitor orb - an enhanced and sentient version of the sphere of annihilation, will appear and pass a death sentence on anyone attacking another.

There are said to be well-over 1,000 golems in and around the Institute. This golem army is a build-up of many centuries since the place was discovered. The Mad Wizard Flay is said to have learned some of his skill in golem manufacture from the tomes found in the seemingly endless racks of the Institute's library. Some of his learnings on golem manufacture came from the Book of Orinite.

Members of the Magis Institute can acquire rare spells, spell components, and information. The cost of membership in the school is 1,000gp per level of the mage.

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