Castration Horde

We give no quarter to men.
RegionHells Womb
HeadquartersYazgal Sanctum (c.f. Baziranâth)
Diiv Kiir95%
Alignmentchaotic neutral, chaotic evil
Symbolfemale warrior
FounderLady Yazgal

Castration Horde is an order of female knights that serve as one of four renown orders that make-up the Orders of War. They are charged with patrolling and defending the southern territories of the Council of Bile.

The depraved females of this order take delight in capturing and enslaving males of all races for mating, slavery, and torture. They send off any males they may bear to an orphanage in DrakhĂ´r, while the females are trained to be future knights. Castration knights that prove too self-serving and chaotic are banished from the order and sent to join Black Sun. Due to both of these order's chaotic nature, they are some of the last to be called upon by the military leaders of the Council of Bile.

Castration Horde employs rakshasa for spying and too add arcane spells to their striking power.