Maenedhel Shattering

Period255 LE

In 9450 GE, a Covenant leader named Set used a stolen artifact, Danzar-Khâls Surveyor, creating a race beholden to him. This was followed by two more, which collectively became known as the Khazarkars. Set made them in secret, sequestering them in the deeps of Maenedhel. This secrecy was necessary because he was using a stolen artifact to invoke the powers Creation. This was a clear violation of the growing protocols being established by the Higher Powers - at least to the law abiding ones.

Khazarkar civilization was jump-started with the help of Furrouth educators. The Furrouth were under the watchful eye of Set's minions and these in turn were overseen by another group to make sure that nobody messed things up for his people. Set figured, and correctly, that if Danzar-Khâl, Bruh Kreniik or some other higher power learned too soon of his people then there was a good chance that they would work together to undo what he had done, but if his people were far enough along and in numbers, then they would probably show some compassion and perhaps even see value in having another sentient race on Bal-Kriav. Later, after word got out of the Maenedhel Shattering, Corellon quipped:

Another variation of the human stock? Is this gonna be fair to the elves, other races of Bal-Kriav?

- Corellon, to Set - "Maenedhel Trial"

In 255 LE, three centuries after his artifact was stolen, Danzar-Khâl tracked down Set and learned of his doings. As punishment, he changed the conditions at Otriring, creating an area supercharged with life energy. This resulted in a region where things grow faster, reaching adult hood in a matter of days, but dying a few days later.

Fortunately for the Khazarkar, Danzar-Khâl and the other gods showed compassion and let them exist (even though they were illegally created when Set stole Danzar-Khâls Surveyor and used it to create them). Set gave his people the news that they are to abandon Maenedhel, and go to the surface where they must eke out am existence without any more of his help. The Khazarkar went to the surface sector Zaramil of the Hive region. There journey on the surface was initially one of survival with them being set upon by swarms of insects, fighting their way north into Gwaelergoth and then settling in the Gulimbor region.

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