Drugnod Pact

RegionNorthern Hordelands
Period512 - 746

The Drugnod Pact was a deal made me between the Shamanic Conclave of the Drugnod family and the abyssal lord Demogorgon.

The basis of this pact was that in return for Demogorgon's aid in improving the family's fortunes - like getting rid of obstacles, and helping them bear future leaders, the Drugnod would have to give over a dozen of their family members in a future generation decided upon by Demogorgon.

The first generation of the Drugnod Pact were born of a liberal dose of magic, demon alchemical concoctions, and in a few cases of demon intercourse. In secret, a succubus was assigned to the Shamanic Conclave of the Drugnod family. This succubus, always in the guise of a gnoll shaman, trained only the Drugnod daughters in the way of hand-to-hand combat, diplomacy, math, the sciences, medicine, and a number of other subjects. This schooling made them so intelligent in matters that when the first daughter reached the age of 16, she was leading a gnoll war band. The males born of the Drugnod did not get any sort of training and were treated poorly by their female siblings. They were destined to just serve as breeders.

The Drugnod Empire was formed by a second generation daughter of the Drugnod Pact. Her name was Empress Gaufthaur Drugnod the First. The empire under her, and successive ones under Drugnod Empresses flourished.

In 746, Demogorgon sent the Widows of Modrerthim to claim his end of the deal. This happened during the Hlothangi Insurgency, which hastened the downfall of the Drugnod family and the empire.