Dead Struggle

Pawns of Thasmudyan
PeriodDawn Era - present

The Dead Struggle is a conflict of religious ideologies. The disputes are around the creation of undead, immortality by giving up one's life energy for negative energy and the general acceptance of the Art of Necromancy.

Stained History

The study of necromancy, since its origin with the soul-devouring Maen Grirngrim, has been stigmatized as inherently evil. Maen Grirngrim, the Father of Necromancy, gave it a bad rap, wrecking havoc on both sides of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), raising up the dead, stealing souls, and exchanging the glow of Life Energy for the void-like darkness of Negative Energy.

As a school of study, the Art of Necromancy is widely considered a doorstep to evil.

They go in with good intent, finding something useful to help in the fight against the primordials. Eventually they dig deeper into the spells, getting hooked on the potential power and things greater to come. You have to admire Maen Grirngrim in a way, his writings, both teach and enrapture the reader. The old Covenant and now our own is replete with angelic hearts delving into his writings, then years, decades, and centuries later, they are no longer of the same mind when they went through that door.

- Kebechet, from her book Siren's Musings - "Necromancy Hook"

There are those of the Dead Struggle that want to change society's view on Necromancy, accepting it like the practice of the Arcane and for some recognizing it on the level of the spiritual arts.

Undead Immortality

Those that become an Undead are immortal. Their Soul Energy, instead of going to a Soul Gathering System, heads to the nearest Death Ball. At this phenomenon, it is converted into Negative Energy that then powers up the risen dead. The side effect of this process, is that half the soul energy becomes negative energy stored in the Death Ball. Many Higher Powers, particularly those of the Soul Gathering Systems, take affront to the re-purposing of soul energy. This is because what was to be theirs for populating their worlds has instead been stolen for other uses.

This part of the Dead Struggle brings into play those for the creation of undead, Thasmudyan, and those against it on the grounds that part of their divine power comes from the shepherding of souls to its proper home. Hades and Kebechet are the leading protectors of these souls. These two Higher Powers oppose the making of sentient undead.


The last important facet of the Dead Struggle is the view that Creation is the province of Creationists, not something to be left hands of so-called necromancers who lack the wisdom of what can go wrong. Examples of what can go wrong are the corrupted worlds of Piranoths Steps, the Abyssal Release, and the Demon Spawn War.

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