Ogre Union

ogres mobilizing for war
RegionGrashakh, Miradelgûn
Dark Woad3%
War Troll.5%
Alignmentchaotic evil
EnemiesCrimson Eye, Inc., Orchish Empire, Rethmorg
Established19 Brightstar 1802

The Ogre Union is an empire formed from numerous humanoid tribes spread across eastern Grashakh and Miradelgûn.

In the early 1500s, the Toomrur and other humanoids of eastern Grashakh were faced with near subjugation by the Orchish Empire. In the First Ogre War, the city-states Dumugon and Khatúlg united against the Orchish Empire. The conflict ended in a stalemate with the Orchish Empire moving back to their borders west of the river Dargirth.

The period that followed this war was one of instability and internal feuding between sects of ogre-magi, city-state fighting, and the Ogre Lords. These conflicts became known as the Satrap Wars and were a considerable drain on the military and economy.

In 1802, the arrival of Mordkon Bluefang and Torfillifus, changed the power hierarchy in this humanoid empire. These two heroes crushed internal opposition and united the hordes under one banner. The Ogre Union was established in the same year.

In 1804, the Crimson Offensive war was fought between Crimson Eye, Inc., and the Ogre Union. The Ogre Union lost Norgtrum in this war.

Probably the greatest conflict for the Ogre Union was an internal, religious crusade between fiend worshipers and the entrenched priesthood of Vaprak. Since the Horgon Era, Vaprak had been the de-facto deity of the Toomrur. If you were of this race, and didn't worship him, you were seen as a trouble-maker. In the Third Epoch, the dictator Mordkon forced the people to turn to the ways of the demon lord Graz'zt. The Dark Prince Civil War lasted three years, resulting in the end of Vaprak worship, and the birth of demoniac worship under Graz'zt. Ogre-magi leaders are commonly called Dark Princes in reverence to their demon lord.

The main export of the Ogre Union is salt. They control the largest salt deposit on Brucrumus, an area called Zakthol. The Ogre Union has a number of voidships, built from technologies purchased from the Khazarkar Empire.

The Ogre Union became embroiled in the Chaos War, when the Sekbire Pact attacked from the territories of the Tormoran Federation. In the Lich Front, the Ogre Union lost Khatúlg, Gothmak, and all territory west of Thingrorn's river Viiz Bo.

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