RegionAerie of Dragons
CapitalZomaar Yelvaad
Alignmentchaotic evil
DeitiesTiamat (30%), Kebechet (20%), Lolth (10%)
EnemiesKlorrilmorder, Lum Trumgol Mir, Tulukhan
FounderLenassu Dras'ee
Established11 Kindle 1031
MapKrein Jusk

Forermarg is an empire of the Aerie of Dragons with holdings in the cold wetlands of Minulkazar and into the dark reaches of Adunamar. The empire's surface holdings are built on enormous rafts of shambog. When millions of these link together forming a single biomass they become so buoyant that large structures can be built upon them - including great cities like the empire's capital Zomaar Yelvaad. The empire's castles, outposts, huts, and nearly every other living area, are built on rafts of shambog.

Kebechet's influence is strong in this empire. Her temples are a product of the founder and first leader of Forermarg, a Khazarkar named Lenassu Dras'ee. For political reasons, she named her fledgling empire after a great dragon that once reigned over part of Por Trumgol.

Forermarg's holdings are spread across the wetlands and into the Underdark reaches beneath it. In the Underdark, fomorians in league with Forermarg reign like petty satraps. As a whole, the Forermarg empire is corrupt, evil, and a liberty-less state. One could be a citizen on day, and a slave the next. The slave-trafficking of Forermarg has on several occasions resulted in war with their neighbors. The drow population of the city were all former slaves of the fomorians. They are a product of a drow empire destroyed by the fomorians long ago. Over the generations, they have earned their freedom, and proved more useful as advisers, merchants, and soldiers than menial slaves.

In the Smoldering Anvil War, Forermarg's military destroyed the kingdom of Khamagurbun. Due to attacks by Inzurakthol's frost giants, the armies of Forermarg were unable to hold the territorial spoils won from this war.

The slave trafficking of Forermarg's fomorians and the stubbornness of the dwarven elements of Klorrilmorder keep the two nations in near perpetual hostilities. Forermarg's hostilities with Lum Trumgol Mir arose from territorial aggression by both parties of the conflict.

Civilization Tree
Zomaar Yelvaad