CategorgFallen Empires
RegionAerie of Dragons
Alignmentlawful neutral, lawful evil
Reign858 - 1039
MapIizus Yeldah

Early in the First Epoch, the people of the once verdant valley Inzurakthol were beset by a cataclysmic event that forever changed the land around them. This happened when the dragon Amaglothorn broke a seal within his icy abode Iiz Vaaz. The result of this, the glaciation of the entire valley. As Amaglothorns Breath swept the valley with blizzards and unnatural ice, many of the surface peoples left for more hospitable lands. The southern clans, the Damizdaluk, went south to Gruordock. The northern dwarven clans of Inzurakthol went west to Siginzad.

Four decades after the founding of Gulud-Turam, the Khamagurbun kingdom was born. For most of the empire's history, the dwarves paid homage to Danzar-Khâl. Some writings have it that some lost interest in him when their fortunes waned, while others say it was foreign powers dabbling in Khamagurbun's politics and society. These agitators came in many forms, prophets, doom-sayers, and educators who espoused radical ideals or taught secret arts to special students with an interest in what they called "higher learning". This higher learning turned out to be education in necromancy and control of others through charms and domination magic. After a few years, evil priests of Thasmudyan were opening hidden shrines in the Underdark beneath the city or on the fringes of Khamagurbun's territory. Some of the priests came from Ag Envok under the guise of military advisors. These advisors were enlisted to help in the growing conflicts with their Forermarg enemies. A few years after these Black Cluster advisors started showing up, there were dwarven priests of Khamagurbun now proficient in the necromantic arts thanks to their "military advisors".

Around the Year 1000, the Forermarg were beginning to encroach on the borders of Khamagurbun. This soon escalated into border skirmishes, assassinations, poisoning of wells, and spreading disease in each other lands. By the Year 1038, the people of the Khamagurbun were under continual attacks by the growing might of Forermarg's Muneyd'vith led armies.

Khamagurbun was crushed in 1039. They fell in such great numbers in the Smoldering Anvil War, that Irukkhalbin became a field of bones and destroyed implements of war.

Those dwarves that escaped the attacks of the Forermarg went beneath the surface, becoming slaves to some Underdark race or joining the ranks of Klorrilmorder. These refugees were vetted, with priests of Thasmudyan turned away.

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