Stone Giant Seers
CategoryFallen Empires
RegionIce Cap, Tribe Steppes
Earth Archon60%
Stone Giant10%
Earth Giant5%
Alignmentchaotic, neutral, non-good
EnemiesMalad-Mîn, Saer Erkjorg, Volgad
Reign275 HE - 1533 HE
Aettein FjorvirMorteban

Cûngin-Zar was a stone giant ruled kingdom holding territory from Aettein into the central reaches of Khalas. It became one of the largest Titan Empires of the Horgon Era. The empire's heart was an area called Hleittil.

The kingdom's stone giants and earth archons were descendants of those that served in the primordial armies that invaded Bal-Kriav in the Creation War. Two super army groups of Earthen soldiers came to this world. One group was under Geb, and the other was under Hettar. Those of the latter were like their master, brutal and domineering. Those under Geb were mostly neutral the war effort; seeing it pointless to tear apart all this good living space and return it to Chaos. The stone giants and earth archon that settled Hleittil, and built Cûngin-Zar, were those that served under Hettar.

Cûngin-Zar built many temples and shrines around Rumak. These holy places were used in mass prayer, the leaders of these gatherings hoping to raise a petrified primordial submerged in the lake.

For most of the empire's reign, the kings of Cûngin-Zar sought to control the lands of Aettein and Fjorvir. In the deep forests of Cinyossion they defeated the Volgads and drove them from the region. The giants sought to enslave all the people of the woods and in the icy vales of Ice Cap. These slaves were used to mine the Iberaks and the Khalas's deep ice.

Cûngin-Zar overextended in Ice Cap. Their territorial ambitions led to many conflicts with the dwarves and other peoples of that region. As the Cûngin-Zar pushed east, they met stiffer, organized resistance from Khalas's dwarven clans. While all this was going on, the empire's heartland began to suffer from entropic influences out of Rumak.

In 503 HE, the dwarven clans of Khalas forged the Khalas Pact. This led to many battles and wars spanning a millennia.

In 1402 HE, with the empire weakened by the wars in Khalas, uprisings ensued in the southern holds of Harongrand and Onvargard. Tungesti slaves, joined by their free brethren of Grern and other nearby areas were the first groups to rise up. They were joined by earth giant rebels and others, and within a few years, Cûngin-Zar lost all control over their southern holds. Word of the weak rotten core of the empire spread, and other holds rose up against authority.

By 1500 HE, Cûngin-Zar was left with only the territory of Hleittil. In 1533 HE, the Khalas Pact assaulted the capital and overwhelmed it in a fortnight, bringing about the empire's downfall.

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