Bael Turath

CategoryFallen Empires
RegionAerie of Dragons
Reign526 HE - 1612 HE
Enkii JuskKrein JuskIizus Yeldah

The Piamauza empire Bael Turath was sited along the south and southeastern coasts of the Aerie of Dragons. In the Horgon Era, they took the learning of arcane lore and conjuration to the next level by establishing schools. Some of the most powerful arcane lore that they learned and then passed on to their schools was acquired from the eldritch giants of Gulfrek Hjard. It is thought that the normally selfish giants provided this knowledge, because they knew that Bael Turath's Piamauza would use the arcane lore - especially conjuration magic, and ultimately bring ruin upon themselves.

In 1211 HE, Bael Turath founded Varrogrith. This place was far from the rest of the empire, but access to the place was rapid do to the recent discovery of the Sea Tunnel. Bael Turath's territorial interests spread outward from Varrogrith. In a little under a decade, they learned of a rich empire to the west. This empire was Arkhosia.

At the outset, the Arkhosia and Bael Turath were at odds. The Piamauza coveted our riches and great dragon magic. They wanted our wealth and our skill at mastering dragons.

- Negmarni, Arkhosian historian - "The Piamauza Menance"

In 1216 HE, hostilities broke-out between the Arkhosia and Bael Turath. Over the next three centuries, there would be hundreds of battles and four wars between the belligerents. In the end both would fall.

When Bael Turath fell, its population scattered. Many fled north by ship and settled in Skegjold and some went further to the distant shores of Magrâbik where they became citizens of Tamlêrran.

In the later stages of their wars with Arkhosia, they allied with the drow of Dhaunril'yraen. When Bael Turath fell, nearly ten thousand Piamauza fled to this drow city-state.

Today, Piamauza descendants of Bael Turath are spread across the surface and beneath eastern Brucrumus. The largest concentration of them are found in the city-states Azrunâth and Kel'gah. Those that went to Cinazan established a short-lived empire called Draguron. The remnants of this empire were later absorbed by the Khazarkar Empire.