CategoryFallen Empires
RegionAerie of Dragons, Hells Womb
CapitalGaard Goraag
Alignmentvaried, good majority
DeitiesArcana, Atlas, Bahamut
EnemiesBael Turath, Dominion of Resalth, Galirkrad, Uzurundabud
Reign600 HE - 1600 HE
Hiznaar GozLirgaza

The dragonborn empire Arkhosia extended from the eastern banks of the Dargirth in Hells Womb to the shores of Sosin Luv. Arkhosia's military, the Imrithil, tried to expand Arkhosia's territory into the resource rich peaks of Trudnar. In these volcanic highlands, her armies sustained horrible losses from demons pouring out of GarĂ¢tha. Instead of being on the offensive, they were forced to defend. The defensive network Hlothram Bildrun Rigevoth was built with great magic and haste to guard against the dangerous foes that sought to destroy all in their path. After two decades of conflict, the area was stabilized, and Arkhosia never again sought to expand into Trudnar.

In 640 HE, the dragonborn mage Coldwrath, founded Vith Alok. Arkhosia's dragonborn are also responsible for the founding of Nil Koraaviik. The first drakkensteeds, a cross between a horse and a dragon, were created by the Ryldorvir. This cult had an influential cell at Lasinangian and was financed by the Arkhosian government. At its height of power, Arkhosia is said to have had an air force of nearly 5,000 drakkensteed riders.

In 1216 HE, hostilities erupt between the dragonborn of Arkhosia and the Piamauza of Bael Turath. The conflicts between the two empires became known as the Burn Wars.

For centuries, the empire was successful on the battlefield and governing its people. Around the Year 1250 HE, the empire began to experience religious division. This was a result of Tiamat's spreading among the poorer and disenfranchised citizens. Even though worship of Tiamat was forbidden, it proved very hard to eradicate. In 1279 HE, the Church of Bahamut, backed by crusaders and zealots, began rooting out Tiamat's flock. This became known as the Platinum Inquisition. Some of the more fanatical sects of Bahamut hunted down and killed the followers of Tiamat. During the eleven years of this inquisition, many of Tiamat's flock went east and settled in Sotiisk Lumnaar. In 1293 HE, these dragonborn exiles founded Viing Prolgiid. In 1301 HE, they united, becoming the empire Galirkrad. When the Whitefang cult came to power, they began to undermine Arkhosia by eroding trust in Vith Alok.

In 1340 HE, Arkhosia went to war with hobgoblins of Valefor. This turned into a protracted war, with the Imrithil fighting more demons than hobgoblins. This Arkhosia Valefor War (1340 HE - 1362 HE), lasting 22 years, put the Imrithil on the defensive. They built a massive line of fortifications called the Hlothram ldrun Rigevoth. This long and deep line of defenses is credited with saving Arkhosian interests in Hells Womb, and perhaps even the empire.

In 1521 HE, Arkhosia abandoned Vul Gol and her other holdings of the Hells Womb Region. In the ongoing conflict with Bael Turath, the Third Burn, forces were needed to contest the Bael Turath's victorious armies.

Arkhosia came to an end after a series of brutal wars with Bael Turath. In these conflicts, the morale fiber of Arkhosia suffered when her armies turned genocidal - Imrithil's generals claimed that the Bael Turathians were doing the same to their troops and had units with the sole purpose of eradicating their people. In 1600 HE Arkhosia fell. Many of her people were driven out of their ancestral homes. The former holdings of Arkhosia became property of the Bael Turath Empire, one now stretching the width of the Aerie of Dragons. This was to last only eight years, Bael Turath succumbing to her own internal strife in the Bael Turath Civil War (1608 HE - 1612 HE).

Following the fall of these two empires, the holds of the Aerie fell to the mob, then to gangs and their leaders. From these, petty city-states came to be ruled by dragons, Muneyd'vith and others taking up the title Dragon Lord.

Arkhosia fought several religious wars with the Galirkrad. On a smaller scale than The Burns, these were carried out by Arkhosian fanatics battling forces devoted to Tiamat; the enmity of Bahamut and Tiamat that began in the Hoof Front (9245 GE - 9262 GE), continuing through mortal agents.

Today, lands once considered the heart of Arkhosia, are now under the Ag Envok empire.