OwnerGiff League
Founded10 Hollow 644

During their early history, the giff were always under threat from the dire creatures that are found everywhere across Marragh. Their population centers never grew to much size due the predators of the lowlands. Most of the giff went into the highlands and deep valleys of Tûca-Hîr.

Zonatarbian was founded in a valley called Kurnûk-Kir. When the Giff League was formed from the city-states of Tûca-Hîr, Zonatarbian became its capital. Like most of the dwelling of the Giff League, this great city floats over the landscape. The settlement was founded on seven large earthmotes. The giff tribesmen climbed anchoring vines to reach the earthmotes. They founded a settlement relatively safe from the dire creatures below. Atop the earthmotes, the giff had to slay many flying reptiles and other predatory avians. The young and the eggs, they captured and raised them to be some of the people's first mounts.

Zonatarbian has sky docks for their void navy and aeries for their Raptor Wing troops. One of the busiest areas of the city is the naval yard. This enormous area is called Sôvagmal. It builds voidships for the merchant and escort fleets.

Notable Areas