OwnerKhazarkar Empire
Founded13 War March 1422

Rônal-Rôtîr began as a fortress guarding the Benâth pass. This is a strategic pass that cuts through the Ugradrath mountains. In the 1400s, the Orchish Empire were expanding northward up Mirtheon. The Khazarkar Empire built this place to stake claim to a very defensible area.

Rônal-Rôtîr is the closest Khazarkar city to the borders of the Orchish Empire. It acts as the trading network for all commerce passing to and from the Orchish Empire. It is sited north of Ugradrath in the hilly evergreen forest N'nathil. Traffic from the south comes to the city by way of the Agluzar road.

The Khazarkar Empire and their southern neighbor, the Orchish Empire have waged many wars. Rônal-Rôtîr is normally the first to see the dust stirred up by an approaching army. It has been sacked many times, but in the end, always ends up back in Khazarkar hands.

In the city's sewers are a very large population of wererats. These creatures are paid to guard the vast network of underground passages that have been dug beneath the city by orc sappers.

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