Obelisen Zagmarnin

OwnerKhazarkar Empire
Founded22 Hollow 698

Zagmarnin (now called Obelisen) was founded by the Tinnanguth. When this empire fell to their former slaves, the people of Zagmarnin lived on in a remote area of Karnegmoth. In the First Epoch, the scaly peoples of the interior, driven east by the Karnegmoth Cataclysm, picked away at Zagmarnin. When the city fell, the ruins were contested for centuries by Vedrii, Yuan-Ti, and other humanoids. The place changed hands many times, with satraps and their minions perishing from disease as much as battle. The reason for all the fighting was the gold mines under Zagmarnin.

In 1828, a Khazarkar Expeditionary Force came to these ruins while searching for provisions. They called in more forces from the Khazarkar Empire and in the waning days of Witchrite, secured the ruins and begin enslaving the peoples of the surrounding area. The Khazarkar Empire rebuilt the ruin, naming the place Obelisen in honor of the commander of the attacking forces, Obelisen, Vermin Lord of Chuln.

Under new ownership, the settlement's population grew fast with the natives brought into line as workers and slaves.

Obelisen is of high strategic importance to the Khazarkar Empire. They have a teleporation circle in the city, linked to one in Bandunazân.

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