Laat Viidost Last Venom, Berrobess

Laat Viidost
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesLast Venom, Berrobess
OwnerLum Trumgol Mir
Founded6 Prey 1239 HE
MapKrein Jusk

After the founding of Varrogrith, Bael Turath moved to secure the southern reaches of Krein Jusk. They built the settlement Berrobess along the river . This gave them access to two rivers, the Zal Rath for reaching Varrogrith and the Bein Lom for projecting their power west across the Aerie of Dragons.

In 729, the empire Lum Trumgol Mir took claim of this ruin. The gave the place the Draconic name Laat Viidost, which translates to Last Venom.

Civilization Tree
Bael Turath
Laat Viidost
Lum Trumgol Mir