Koron Kilith

Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesMelrith, Orcus
Founded3 Hollow 611 HE
MapHokzii Skuld

Koron Kilith was founded by explorers out of Lod Stohl. They built this subterranean settlement southeast of the ancient demon ruin Ghak. The settlement was a supply depot and market for all the stuff coming out of a place that once served as the capital of Orcus's holdings on Bal-Kriav.

When the Mir'piamauza began threating Lod Stohl, Koron Kilith sided with the larger and stronger of the two, setting the stage for becoming a holding of the Mir'piamauza Empire.

After the Mir'piamauza Civil War (1608 HE - 1612 HE), Koron Kilith became an independent city-state.

Civilization Tree
Lod Stohl
Koron Kilith