OwnerOrchish Empire
Founded30 Hollow 1494

Ghatúb is sited at the northern tip of lake Virgath. The imposing walls of this citadel are 150' high and 50' thick. These Zurghed style walls house the city's garrison. Ghatúb has a very large garrison, trained to meet three hostile elements, the Khazarkar Empire from the northeast, Forstneblin raiders out of Quellestir to the north and bloodthirsty Jara parties that periodically debauch out of the Arinthil forest to the northwest.

During the Core Offensive, the Orchish Empire started building a canal from Virgath to Mazgob. By the time the Orchish armies reached the Core Sea, orc marines trained in Haugald, and supply ships were sailing through the canal and upriver by way of Irudrarg, supporting the land armies blazing a path through Quellestir.

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