1 Map Post

The Map Post has a roughly drawn mural of a world map painted on the door. The owner of this place is Branchin the Explorer. His claim to fame, is the exploration and mapping of the Great Expanse.

He sells maps of the local region, trade routes, surface trade maps, art supplies, writing instruments, and vellum.

2 Barbed Arrow

Carved on the stone door of this building is a barbed arrow dripping blood. A rosewood plaque on the front door is inscribed with the owner's name, Hokflarivin.

Hokflarivin is a cambion fletcher. He keeps the interior of his business dark and smoky. He is fond of cats, with hundreds of these felines lying about during the day and disappearing at night on hunts.

The business makes and sells all manner of arrows, including magical ones. She sometimes sells magical bows or item of rare nature, like bonebrack arrows.

Bonebrack arrow tips cause an additional 1-4hps of damage and sell for 1gp. The tips of these arrows only break 20% of the time, thus they can be recovered and refitted by a fletcher.

3 Crimson Eye Compound

Painted in bright crimson on the largest tower of this compound is a 20' diamater Flaming Eye. This building is property of Crimson Eye, Inc.

The compound is actually a small keep with a courtyard, buildings for stables, supplies, living quarters and several towers. The largest tower has a reinforced roof which acts as a landing platform for smaller sized skyships and voidships.

The commander of the Crimson Eye Compound is Junkel IV, son of Junkel. His is also master of the local thieving guild, Crimson Gut.

4 Tower of Azure

This blue stoned tower is a garrison.

5 Alchemy of Ichor

The alchemist San-iham, a half-orc, runs this business.

6 Mallet Skull Crusher - tavern

7 Toll Tower

A toll of 1sp is charged for anyone entering the grounds of the Temple District

8 Cedar Brothel
This is a whorehouse, which accommodates orcs.
9 House of Tannamond SharpLeaf
The home of a retired adventurer.
10 Embassy of the Ogre Union
11 Crimson Eye Warehouses
These warehouses were once owned by the Black Sabers guild. Crimson Eye, Inc. destroyed the guild and took over all the former property of the Black Sabers. These warehouses hold the trade goods of Crimson Eye, Inc.
12 Trog Sewer Access
13 Market of Servants
human, goblin, and some orc slaves can be purchased here
14 Spiked Gear
15 Black Market Wares
16 Coated Blade
Poison up to class E can be purchased here - the place holds a charter to sell poison from the assassin's guild The Minions
17 Noctural Hunters
18 House of Dissections

The owner of this place is a orc necromancer - anatomist. He acquires and purchases living and cadavers to practice his diabolical arts. Some of these hideous deformations are let loose beneath the city.

19 The Great Adventure

The place sells all manner of goods for the adventurer, traveller, or those seeking beasts of burden. They own stables near the Great North Gate.

Beasts of Burden: giant lizard elephant bison mule crodlu

20 Guild of the Weapon Master
21 Arena of Agony
22 Blood Stadium
23 Carnage Stadium
24 Lady Lust Penthouse
25 Elven Delicacies Tavern
26 Hall of the Mead King
27 Demi Room
28 War Veteran Inn


  • Cutter Way - border of Black Saber thieves guild "territory", dark and foreboding
  • Shack Street - goblin dwellings, wretched smelling
  • Slayer Blvd - be wary of travel by night, filthy
  • Temple Road - red and black striated marble flagstone street, very clean